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Our Divisions

What can you apply for?

We offer a range of divisions and opportunities for our applicants. The choices of divisions are below. You should apply for the division that you think will suit you best, as you can’t change division until your probationary period is over.

  • District Response Team
  • Roads Policing Unit
  • Firearms Support Unit
  • Contact Management Centre
  • Yorkshire Ambulance Service
  • West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue
  • Dedicated Civilian Operations

All opportunities listed above allow for progression into higher ranks/levels.


District Response Team
Our Response teams are the face of the force responding to a wide range of incidents, including complex and sometimes confrontational situations. During Every patrol The Response Team deals with a wide range of 999 calls from Domestics to Knifepoint Robberies. WithinResponse you can gain Qualifications such as Initial Phase Pursuit, Taser, Public Order Level 1, Method of Entry & so much more. The District Response Team is a great place for officers that love being a regular Bobby on the Beat.

Roads Policing Unit
The Roads Policing Unit is a team of specialist officers training to deal with High Risk pursuits and dangerous drivers. West Yorkshire has a vast network of roads that Criminals use to escape police custody. The Roads Policing Unit is trained to perform tactics that Response officers cant such as Tactical Contact and Tactical Pursuit And Containment known as a TPAC Box.

Firearms Support Unit
The Firearms Support Unit Is West Yorkshire’s first line of defence when battling the increase of Gun related crimes and serious violent across the county. Using trainings such as Armed Response Vehicle Officer, Specialist Firearms Officer & more. The Firearms Unit crew with specialist equipment to provide safety for the general public. The Firearms Support Unit are trained to utilise their Firearms in the face of threat. They run towards firearms when we run away.

Contact Management Centre

The Contact Management Center is the heart & voice of all patrols as they provide key information to jobs, dispatch calls & assess incidents. The Contact Management team deals with all divisions, even Yorkshire Ambulance & West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue. With their key skills they can authorise the usage of firearms to our firearms unit to simple Emergency Graded calls.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service

The Yorkshire Ambulance Service provides Emergency medical care to injured patients across the County. Working alongside West Yorkshire Police & West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue they are ready for any Large Scale incident or simple broken bones. Within the Yorkshire Ambulance Service they have extra roles you can obtain such as Yorkshire Air Ambulance, HART as well as providing a Critical Care Course.

West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue

The West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service are are team of Full Time and Retained members that take on the role of fighting fires, rescuing trapped victims & working alongside the Police & Ambulance Service. Within West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service there are a wide range of roles you can gain and different specialist units such as Technical Rescue, Safe Working in Waters & the High Volume Pump Crews.

Dedicated Civilian Operations

Our Civilians are vital in patrols as they provide calls to all divisions. Their calls can be simple shopliftings or Major Incidents. It’s fair to say our civilians keep everyone busy throughout patrols with their creative and constructive calls.

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