West Yorkshire Roleplay

Joining West Yorkshire Roleplay

Please read this page then you can find a link to the application on our FMS at the bottom.

Eligibility Requirements.

To apply for all roles in the community, you must be 15 years old or above. We don’t offer any exemptions for this requirements.

You cannot be a member of any other whitelisted GTA5/FiveM British Roleplay Community whilst applying to or being a member within the community.

Our activity policy is in favour of those people who may not be able to strictly attend all the time. You are given plenty of notice before being removed. We currently require members to attend 2 patrols in a week period. If not you’ll be given an inactivity notice and you need to respond within 48 hours. This is a base line rule and exemptions can apply on a case by case basis.

You need to have the following software installed:

Frequently Asked Questions.

We are not a 24/7 life or economy server, we operate official patrols from 19:30 – 22:15 on most days of the week. Please note that we operate in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) / British Summer Time (BST).

We aim to process all applications within 48 hours of them being submitted, however, this is not always possible and it may take longer at times. Contact us it if takes longer than 72 hours to receive a response.

We do offer direct entries and will continue to offer them throughout the year, check the direct entry application form for available positions

Application Form.

All applications are handled on our Force Management System (FMS) so you must go there to apply for the community.